1.  Dr. Luhar has set a world record in Assist book of world records for the first book as independent young woman(merely at the age of 30 years) author of STEM field on the topic of “Fly ash and slag based Geopolymer  concrete – Experimental facts” (144 Pages) published through European publisher,Lap Lambert academic publishing (2016-08-01), Germany, Europe, ISBN-13: 978-3-659-92780-5 ISBN-10: 3659927805 EAN: 9783659927805 Book language: ENGLISH By (AUTHOR) : SALMABANU LUHAR Category: BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY, which is selected for online sale on Amazon having worth of US$ 50,and in Europe € 44,90.  This book is authored in a lucid language which makes the reading less time consuming and easy to understand for whoever refers it and to newcomers.

Are you new to geopolymer concrete technology? Or want to learn more about this green concrete technology then you can have the said book which is easy to understand for newcomers also from following links:











2.  Luhar S., Luhar I. (2018),  Incorporation of E – Wastes With Green Concrete –A Green Concept, Scholar’s Press, European union. (ISBN  978-620-2-31939-3).



3.  Luhar S., Luhar I. (2018), Concrete Technology at a Glance, Noor  Publishing,  2018  (ISBN 978-620-2-35807-1).


4.   Luhar S., Luhar I.,  Durability Performance of Geopolymer Composites” is under process.