Dr.MsSalmabanuIsmailbhai Luhar (D.Litt., Ph.D., M.Eng., B.Eng, D.Eng.)

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Dr. Ms. Luhar Salmabanu Ismailbhai Receiving Ph.D. Degree In Person By His Highness And Highly Respected Dr. Shri Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu Sir, Vice-President Of India And Chairman Of The Rajya Sabha (The Upper House Of The Parliament Of India), As Honourable Chief Guest, On The Occasion Of 12th Convocation Of Malaviya National Institute Of Technology(MNIT),
Held At Jaipur, Rajasthan, India On January 6, 2018.


DR. Ms. Luhar Salmabanu Ismailbhai

Inventor, Researcher (Woman Scientist), Author,Chartered Engineer, Approved valuer.

D.Litt. (SAARC countries), D.Litt. (North Korea), Ph.D.(Eng.), M.Tech.(Eng.-CASAD,Hons.), B.Tech.(Eng., Hons.), D.(Eng.).


World record setter as “Youngest Woman Researcher (Scientist) with highest publications and achievements in the field of concrete technology [Civil(structural) engineering] at the age of merely 31 years”.

Year : 2018 | Country : India | Category : Education



For the first book as independent young woman author of STEM field on the topic of “Fly ash and slag based Geopolymer  concrete – Experimental facts” (144 Pages) published through European publisher,Lap Lambert academic publishing(2016-08-01), Germany, Europe, ISBN-13: 978-3-659-92780-5 ISBN-10: 3659927805 EAN: 9783659927805 Book language: ENGLISH Category: BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY, which is selected for online sale on Amazon having worth of US$ 50,and € 44,90. 

                                                                             AS  WELL  AS                                                                                


INVENTOR OF “Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete Incorporating Rubber Tire Fibres as Partial Replacement of Natural Sand Thereof Useful For Construction And Infrastructure Industries”


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Dr.Ms. LUHAR SALMABANU ISMAILBHAI (D.Litt., Ph.D., M.Eng., B.Eng, D.Eng.)