Success is not about how much wealth or property you make, it’s about the difference you accomplish in the lives on the planet!”


The prime objectives of Dr. Luhar’s researches are based on to save earth and lives living on it through-

* converting piles of wastes from diverse origin to useful and valuable to construction products,

*providing new-fangled long-standing systematic management options to several waste containment dilemmas, especially noxious wastes at near to the ground level,

* mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, in particular, CO2 by momentous quantities, predominantly in the cement and concrete industry.

* reducing paradoxical effects to save the environment from Global Climate Warming dilemma is essential because of Carbon-dioxide – a primary greenhouse gas, emissions during the manufacturing of ordinary Portland cement production which comes to about 7 to 8% alone of total CO2 emissions. Whereas the new geopolymeric cement, mortars and concretes emit nine time  less carbon dioxide in their formation,

* liberating the highly fertile landfilled by the wastes for agriculture purposes through organized consumption in manufacturing the best geopolymeric building materials which will boost agricultural production, and

* developing novel diverse Geopolymer building materials and advance researches on their sustainability and durability criterion along with other significant parameters suggests geopolymer building materials, such as concretes, foams and laminates, which will offer superior possible alternatives to current  Ordinary Portland Cements.

                                  In comparison to conventional construction materials, geopolymer composites exhibit less shrinkage, permeability, flammable sans noxious flames in a fire, and reliant on petroleum and plastics on one hand and more resistance to acid, freeze-thaw, fire, durable, and service span on the other. This excellence of attributes and cost-effectiveness of Geopolymer materials make it more attractive to establish it as a viable option to present building materials.

Dr. Luhar’s focus is on the center of excellence of this green technology to serve mankind with a view to providing novel low cost user-friendly green sustainable building materials at affordable cost for housing for all and infrastructures. These sustainable building materials and concretes will be affordable for a common man without shelter.

 Dr. Luhar believes in “Service to mankind is service to Almighty" and “every life created by HIM has right for its natural existence” which reflects in her objective of researches too. Her beloved country is facing a challenge from burgeoning population which created an exigency for affordable and sustainable houses and infrastructural developments. Honorable Indian PMO has also considered it as quite essential and hence, working very hard for “Houses to every Indian citizen” theory. The dream can come true swiftly as more houses will be provided in the lesser budget for the housing projects through this green Geopolymer construction technology. It means, more common people will get the sustainable house in the same amount of grant with nine times less carbon emission and six times less energy by “going green”. The welfare of each one is bound up in the welfare of everyone. In accordance with her, social service through expertise is a way of life. “After being born as a human being which is the greatest blessing of Almighty, if someone is not serving humanity with own knowledge or wealth then it will be a sheer wastage of one’s life,” she says. The ultimate goal of Dr. Luhar is to set a milestone in Geopolymer concrete technology. Right now, she is determined for her decisive aspiration to carry out advance researches in her field of expertise either as a most promising woman scientist cum inventor cum researcher cum post-doctoral fellow by joining a prestigious research group of Geopolymer or conventional concrete technology or to open a centre of excellence for green Geopolymer concrete in alliance with government or university or organization or institute, etc. The advanced research projects on low cost sustainable eco-friendly construction materials to “GO GREEN” will indubitably prove to be a great service to mankind in the days to come.