Dr. Luhar is lucky enough to affiliate with following world-recognized institutions which played a significant role to shine her professionalism:



A.          Chartered Engineer, The Institution of Engineers (India).

B.          Approved Valuer, Institutional of valuers (A-26653 LM C1 Raj)           (

1.      Chief Editor, Research Journal of Concrete and Geopolymer Technology, MedPress Publishers LLC, USA.

2.         Chief Editor, Researches in civil engineering, MedPress Publishers LLC, USA.

3.      Editorial Board Member, International  Journal of  Latest  Engineering  Research and  Applications, ISSN: 2455-7137.

4.          Editorial Board Member, Engineering And Technology Journal, ISSN: 2456-3358.

5.       Editorial Board Member, International  Scientific  Committee and  Editorial  Board on  Civil and  Architectural  (IAST).

6.         Guest Editor,  Journal of  Civil  Engineering  Research, Scientific & Academic Publishing.

7.         Reviewer, Journal of building engineering, Elsevier

8.         Reviewer, Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier

9.         Reviewer, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Elsevier.

10.      Reviewer, Journal of Soft Computing in Civil Engineering.

11.       Reviewer, Indian Journal of Chemical Technology.

12.       Reviewer, Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences.

13.       Reviewer, Review of  Computer  Engineering  Research.

14.       Reviewer,  World  Academy of  Science,  Engineering,  and  Technology. 

15.       Reviewer, International  Journal of  Engineering  Research.

16.       Reviewer, International Journal of Current Research and Modern Education,  ISSN: 2455: 5428.