DR. Ms. LUHAR SALMABANU ISMAILBHAI- a POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER, WORLD RECORD holder young Indian woman scientist cum inventor cum researcher, chartered engineer, approved valuer, and author of STEM field of Concrete Technology- was born in India, in an educated and cultured joint family where traditional values are as significant as modernity. Her forefathers hail from Rajasthan, India. Dr. Luhar is a citizen of India by birth. She shifted to Jaipur Rajasthan, India, since 2014 for higher researches. She set world records and bestowed with national and international awards and honors for her innovation and achievements that have made a positive impact in the technology industry over the past years. Her philosophy of life is based on, “Put yourself on the top of the world through hard work in such a way that one day Almighty himself may ask you regarding your ultimate goal prior to writing your destiny”! Also, she believes in” Universe is not a limit” and “there are yet more worlds beyond the stars to explore!” She knew that science and technology were not going to be just passions but will necessitate hard work. If she could describe the past few years in one word, she would say it was an “evolution”. She has faith in “dream big, works hard for it, achieves the ultimate goal but at the same time stay humble!” According to her belief, “excellence is to keep breaking your own records every day. If you don't have a standard for yourself, you will not have further records to beat; and if you don't have any record to beat, you can't excel.” She received an education of the school, diploma (state government polytechnic - Civil Engg.), B.Tech (Hon’s-Civil Engg.) and M.Tech (Hon’s-computer aided structural analysis and design). Both bachelors and masters from premium university namely Nirma University, Gujarat, India.  At master’s level, she has submitted a major project titled “Development of fly and slag based geopolymer concrete” under her dissertation work which reflects her passion for this speciality right from the beginning. This is the basic point from where she started gaining her experience in geopolymer technology.  She joined her doctoral research program at Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) –a NIRF institute of Government of India. She obtained a Ph.D. degree certificate in Civil (Structure) engineering for the thesis topic related to novel low cost sustainable, user and eco-friendly green Geopolymer Concrete incorporating wastes and its performance evaluation in person by his highness and highly respected Dr. Shri MUPPAVARAPU VENKAIAH NAIDU SIR, VICE-PRESIDENT OF INDIA and CHAIRMAN OF THE RAJYA SABHA (THE UPPER HOUSE OF THE PARLIAMENT OF INDIA), as Honorable Chief guest, on the occasion of 12th convocation of Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) held at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India on  January 6, 2018.She has accomplished her doctorate within merely four years of tenure and obtained average 9.4 out of 10 CGPA with “OUTSTANDING” academic performance in her coursework which is an additional feather to her crown of first-class distinction academic record throughout. She has established herself as a young woman inventor through successfully generating and filing an Indian Patent from her doctoral research work as a credit to her professional career. Also, she has been awarded a research project independently as Principal Investigator (PI) by DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (DST), MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, under “WOMEN SCIENTIST” scheme on durability study of Geopolymer concrete containing wastes as replacement of natural fine aggregate. She is well-known for her number of article publications and authoring a world record holder first book on the subject as an Indian woman independent author published by a reputed European publisher from Germany in her field of expertise at the age of merely 31 years. Her core and active areas of research interest include green construction composites, viz., Geopolymer concrete and mortar, low-cost novel building materials for affordable housing and infrastructures with low carbon footprint providing relief to global warming dilemma and best use of wastes that are responsible for fertile landfilling and health hazards through manufacturing green concrete, high-performance concrete, self-compacting concrete, etc., i.e., an integration of  Material Science and Construction Engineering. Additionally, she has a short duration experience of teaching as an assistant professor and mentoring with outstanding feedback at undergraduate level subsequent to her master. Her research expertise includes environmentally benevolent construction and building material science with more emphasis on incorporation of diverse wastes to produce cost-effective colonies to live in and essential infrastructures to utilize, viz., schools, hospitals, roads, dams, bridges, corporate, commercial, industrial infrastructures, etc. One of the prominent reasons for climate crisis is the effects of anthropogenic Carbon dioxide emissions amplifying global warming. The key scientific researches are essential to slash its impact on society and the environment. Her desire to free the highly fertile landfilled by the wastes after cleaning for agriculture purposes through organized consumption in manufacturing the best geopolymeric building materials and Geopolymer cement. The result will be an augmentation of agricultural productions. Presently, she is keen to carry out advance post-doctoral researches as, most promising woman scientist cum inventor cum researcher, in her field of expertise, i.e., Concrete technology. Her ultimate goal is to set a milestone in concrete technology researches especially in Geopolymer concrete technology by either to join an esteemed research group or center as a Scientist/research associate or to open a new center for advancement and excellence of this green Geopolymer technology in association with government/ university/organization/institute, etc. to serve mankind with a view to provide novel cost-effective user-friendly green sustainable building materials at affordable cost for housing to all and infrastructures, mitigating global warming to save earth’s environment.